Fructify is a US-based invoice financing provider specializing in the cross-border trade of agricultural products.

What we do

We assist US Buyers accelerate payment to their strategic suppliers.

Currently, Fructify provides working capital solutions to agricultural exporters in emerging markets through Supply Chain Finance. We purchase approved invoices from the supplier, after successful delivery to a pre-qualified buyer, and make payment in a couple of business days, versus waiting 30 days or more to receive payment in traditional commercial trading terms.

Supplier delivers product to Buyer.

Buyer Inspects product & Approves Invoice.

Fructify Pays Supplier early, by purchasing Invoice at a small discount.

Buyer pays Fructify for full invoice value on Due Date.

Why we do it

We are building Farm-to-Market systems to improve trust and efficiency.

Fructify’s finance solutions foster trust and reduce the natural tension between buyer and seller related to management of their respective working capital.


Improved working capital, through accelerated cash flows, to pay operating expenses or to fuel future growth.

Supplier has total flexibility to 
request early payment on each 
invoice and accelerate payment.


Create a reputation of being a buyer that takes care of your suppliers.

Provides positive earnings and cash flows without using any of your own capital.

About us

Fructify is a verb: to make fruitful or productive.

Fructify utilizes technology and Supply Chain Finance to assist SME’s in Emerging Markets expand exports. We have 20 years of direct experience as operators in the cross-border agricultural cold chain and finance.

At Fructify, we share a passion for global trade and economic advancement in developing countries.

We give back to the community, in the emerging markets of the suppliers, by contributing 5% of our profits back to local charitable organizations.

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Buyer Criteria:

US-Based company
In businesses > 2 years
Management team has > 20 years of industry experience
Annual Sales >$5.0 million
Blue Book Rating: XXX & 750 or better 
Average invoice > $10,000
Import Agricultural Products from Developing Markets


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